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Carlisle Ford Nationals
Jun 6 - Jun 8, 2014

Adult Admission: Daily Thu.- Sat. $12 / Sun $7 / Event Pass $25  
Child Admission: 12 and Under - FREE!  
Gate Times: Thu.-Sat. 7am-7pm / Sun. 7am-3pm
Gate-N-Go Deadline: May 05, 2014 (register here)

The entire family will enjoy the largest and most thrilling all-Ford event in the world. Ford, Mercury and Lincoln fans will have a showcase of over 2,200 vehicles to check out on the National Parts Depot showfield. During this event, you will enjoy great indoor displays of concepts, customs and historically-significant cars and trucks; test drives by Ford Motor Company, a burnout competition, activities for the kids, industry guests, giveaways, NHRA drag racing, autocross for all skill levels and club gatherings. The excitement continues with a shopping experience you won’t soon forget as part of the enormous swap meet, car corral and the Manufacturers Midway for the best in parts buying.

New to this event is Early-Bird Thursday. By attending on Thursday, anyone interested in looking for a deal as part of the swap meet or car corral can get a jump on those who may not arrive until Friday or later. Admission costs apply for Thursday, however; there is no charge for parking in Carlisle owned and operated lots.


How to Save Time and Money: Details Below

Pre-register before May 5, 2014 to get your window sticker early and drive right in when you get to the gate!

When you pre-register, you save time AND you save money. Everyone could use a little more of both and Carlisle Events wants to help!

Beat the May 5, 2014 deadline and we will mail your window sticker to your address of record via USPS. The sticker will go out weeks in advance of the event. When you get to the show, enjoy the VIP treatment of driving straight to Gate 3. No matter how long the lines of people are at the showfield registration area, you won’t need to stop there. Rather, once you drive through the main gate, you will be guided straight to the designated parking area.

Pre-registering also helps keep that wallet a little fatter. When you pre-register, you save 10%. That’s more of your hard-earned money back in your wallet.

You deserve the preferential treatment. So don’t wait -- pre-register today! The May 5, 2014 deadline will be here before you know it.

Register for the 2014 show right now to save! Call today at (717) 243-7855 or register online!

More time and money – sign me up! Click Gate-N-Go to hit the gas on a better show experience.

Also, while registering for the event, don't forget to sign up to be part of the Downtown Carlisle Parade and Street Party!

Become a Vendor and Sell Your Automotive Merchandise

The Ford Nationals Swap Meet is the perfect opportunity to sell the parts and accessories that have been collecting dust in your garage. The swap meet is also the place for the parts you need to finish a job. Parts, memorabilia, collectibles and literature –you’ll find it all in the Ford Nationals Swap Meet.

For more information or to purchase space, please contact us at 717-243-7855 or email

New Vendors Program Now In Place New Vendors Program Now In Place
Secure Vending Spaces and Earn Discounts

Carlisle Events is celebrating 40 years in 2014 and what better way to celebrate than to save you money- BIG MONEY! Many of the Our shows are successful because of vendors and because of that, Carlisle Events is happy to announce a beneficial approach to vending at our events. The benefits include multi-show discounts that can save you up to 10% on your yearly fees. Use this in conjunction with our Early Bird special and save ADDITIONAL 5%. Considering a show you haven't vended at before? Now is the time. Sign up for a new event today! Buy two spaces and get a third space FREE. Some restrictions do apply so contact us today at 717-243-7855 for all the details.

Sell or Buy a Vehicle in the Car Corral

Over 250 Ford cars and trucks are annually available for sale in the Ford Nationals Car Corral. The best part about the car corral is that you can meet with the seller, drive the vehicle, negotiate your own price and see and touch the car in person. Services including notary, financing, insurance and temporary tags are available right in the car corral. For more information or to purchase a car corral space, please contact us at (717) 243-7855 or email

Honor 50 Years of Mustang in 2014 Honor 50 Years of Mustang in 2014
Event Weekend Hosts Multiple Celebrations

When event weekend arrives, so will the Mustangs! In fact, the Carlisle Ford Nationals will celebrate all things Mustang with multiple 50th Anniversary highlights, guests and more. Expect to see at least 70 different Mustang classes, indoor and outdoor displays and reunions and more. Productions started in 1964 and at Carlisle, expect to see everything from year one to modern day. If you are an enthusiast, you won't want to miss this get together and if you're looking to show your Mustang, registration is open now.

Be Part of the Friday Mustang Party Be Part of the Friday Mustang Party
Celebrate 50 Years in Style with Carlisle Events and Ford

Cake, live music and one of the most popular Muscle Cars of all time – the Mustang; that is what Friday evening will be all about during event weekend. Join Carlisle Events, Classic Design, Ford and fellow enthusiasts as we celebrate 50 years of the Mustang. The fun starts later in the day, around 5 p.m. and runs into the night. There will be music, plus cake - lots of it, special guests and more. At the party you’ll find engineers, other industry specific Ford folks and with a showfield that is laced with Mustangs, it’ll serve as a great backdrop to the party. Come one, come all and celebrate the Mustang’s birthday.

Classic Design Concepts 

50 Mustangs Covering 50 Years 50 Mustangs Covering 50 Years
Special Display Showcases History of Muscle

Since production of the Mustang started decades ago, many great cars have rolled off the assembly line. In addition, after market upgrades have transformed many of Detroit's best from street to show. Experience a combination of both in 2014 as part of a special 50 Mustang display. Between our showfield and special tents onsite, these cars will cover the history of production. The display includes one car from every year. Needless to say, this invitational display will be something never seen before at Carlisle. With only one car from each era displayed, this will be a very touch selection process. Don't hesitate, apply today.

A Century Plus 10 at Carlisle A Century Plus 10 at Carlisle
110 Years of Ford Highlighted

The Mustang turns 50 in 2014, but more importantly, Ford turns 110 and we'll honor both at Carlisle. It doesn't matter what type of Ford you own or enjoy, all types will be highlighted. From the Edsel to the Model T, Mustang to the Fairlane...Carlisle has it all just for you. Trucks will be spotlighted too. Enjoy trucks from the F100 to F650. If performance is your thing, the grounds also host the faster than fast Ford GT! As you can see, this celebration will include a vast majority of the types of cars that made Ford so popular. In addition, brand specific guests are lined up and will be revealed as deals become final. Celebrate 110 years of Henry Ford's legacy at Carlisle today.

Special 110 Year Display Planned Special 110 Year Display Planned
Building G to Host Celebration

While the whole of Ford is celebrated at Carlisle, the area in and around Building G will take center stage with an amazing 110 car display that highlights true automotive history. Within the building, 20 cars will be positioned and just outside under tents will be another 90. Each car selected will be done so through the invitational process and many of the more vintage cars will be indoors. It's one thing to simply celebrate 110 years of Ford. It's another to see cars representative for all 110 years together in one place. Swing by during event weekend or apply today for consideration.

Building Y Hosts All-Female Display Building Y Hosts All-Female Display
Cars Owned, Shown and Cared for by the Ladies

Are you a female enthusiast who owns a Ford, drives a Ford, maintains a Ford and loves a Ford? If you answered yes to all of these questions, we have a display just for you. For 2014 in Building Y, you can position yourself and your Ford within a special all-female-owned display. We've done something like this before and it's been very popular; doing it at Ford in 2014 should be out of this world. Apply today and good luck!

Special Edition Display Set for 2014 Special Edition Display Set for 2014
Enjoy Unique Mustangs at Carlisle

If you're a fan of the Special Editions built from the Factory at Ford, we've got a great display for you. At Carlisle in 2014, not only will we celebrate 50 years of the Mustang, we'll highlight some of the more unique ones along the way. Though not every Factory Special Edition is confirmed, expect to see the likes of the '65 Indy Pace Car, '66 Sprint 200, the '66 One Millionth Anniversary Gold Special, a High Country Special or two which was produced between '66 and '68, '67 Ski Country Special and more. In addition, cars like the '67 Lone Star Limited, '69 Cincinnati Special and the '72 Sprint USA are options for this display too. Join Carlisle Events for this great display. For more details on many of the Factory Special Editions that have come off the assembly line over the past 50 years, click through to the Mustang Monthly article via the link below. Also, you can apply today via our Invitational Application link. See you in June!

Rare Brewster Cars Coming to Carlisle Rare Brewster Cars Coming to Carlisle
Of the 135 Ever Made - Three Will Be Onsite

As part of the 110-year celebration of Ford in 2014, you can see three VERY RARE Brewster Cars. These cars will be part of the 110-car display in and around Building G and are sure to draw the attention of everyone who comes onsite in June. Bring your camera to see these very rare and very unique rides.

The Brewster Carriage Company was started in 1810 by James Brewster and quickly gained a reputation for fine carriages. By 1827, branches had been established in New Haven, Connecticut, Bridgeport, Connecticut and New York City. The New York City branch was run by James' son Henry and ultimately became " Brewster & Company." In 1878, they became the first and only American carriage builder ever to be awarded the coveted Gold Medal at the Paris Exposition and by 1883, Henry's son William joined the firm at the age of 17. Not long after, the slogan "Carriage Builder for the American Gentleman" was adopted.

By 1905, Brewster & Company built its first automobile, specializing at the time, in small, well-designed formal cars for use on the crowded streets of New York. Over the course of 30 years, the style of the Brewster Car evolved and in 1934, the company nearly went under due to the Great Depression.

Under the leadership of J.S. Inskip, Brewster purchased about 135 Ford chassis in '34 and began work on a new type of Brewster Car. The chassis were stretched from 112 inches to 127 inches and a completely new body was designed by Inskip. Nearly the entire Ford running gear was utilized and the car was given a heart shaped grill; becoming the trademark of this new offering. Available for $3500 in any of four different body styles, these were the town-cars of their time. They were available with an open chauffeur compartment, five and seven passenger enclosed drive limousines, four and five passenger convertible sedans and two passenger roadsters. The town-car style accounted for nearly two thirds of the Brewsters built.

Unfortunately, by the summer of 1936, Brewster & Company was nearly at the end of their existence and on August 18, 1937 the Company assets were sold at public auction.

Though the company has been a part of history since '37, you can revisit yesterday with this great display at Carlisle.

Special Book Signing Planned Special Book Signing Planned
Snag a Copy of Around the World in a Ford GT

If you've ever considered taking a trip around the world in a car that you love, then you'll want to swing by for a special book signing that deals with that exact topic. Join "GT Joey" Limongelli and Marcie Cipriani as the sign copies of their book entitled Around the World in a Ford GT. They'll be in Building T selling copies of the book and signing them too. Best of all, they will be right beside the exact same Ford GT that navigated the globe!

Rare 1 of 2 Cougar Slated for Carlisle Rare 1 of 2 Cougar Slated for Carlisle
Car Part of 110-Years of Ford Honors within Building G

When celebrating 110-Years of Ford, it's only fitting that the special Building G display include rare gems. This will be this case during event weekend as we welcome Dyno Don Nicholson's 1969 Boss 429 Mercury Cougar to the grounds. This car was 1 of 2 built by Kar Karft. It was then sent to Holman-Moody and the rest, as they say, is history. Don't miss a chance to see this VERY rare Mercury Cougar as part of the Building G 110-Years of Ford display.

    Unique Tractor Showcase Planned for 2014 Unique Tractor Showcase Planned for 2014
    See Additional Aspects for the Legendary Ford Portfolio

    Did you know that Ford made more than just cars and trucks? It's true. Ford also produced tractors and coming to Carlisle in June as part of the 110-Year display in around Building G are a very unique group of tractors. This is a perfect complement to the display as we honor the history of the brand. Be sure to swing by to see the tractors and to welcome the Ford-Fordson Collectors Association. Not only will this group have some Ford and Fordson tractors at Building G for the 110-Years of Ford display, they will have some tractors at at a location on the showfield too. Check out their web page (link below) for more information.

    2014 Ford Parade and Street Party Comes to Downtown Carlisle 2014 Ford Parade and Street Party Comes to Downtown Carlisle
    A Limited Field of 400 Hit the Streets on Saturday Night

    Carlisle Events and the Downtown Carlisle Association present the third annual Ford Parade and Downtown Street Party on Saturday, June 7.

    Automotive enthusiasts, specifically those interested in the FOMOCO brands, will line the streets of downtown Carlisle to see a wide array of cars showcased during the Carlisle Ford Nationals. The parade field is limited to only 400 Ford, Lincoln and/or Mercury vehicles.

    The parade will once again be led by a select group of Ford officials showing off some of their hot new products! In addition to the parade, spectators will enjoy specialty vehicles, a wide variety of food, fanfare and quality live entertainment.

    Registration will be available soon for the parade. Don't miss out on this great Saturday night attraction. All vehicles must be staged by 6:30pm for departure.

      Is your Club Tent the Place to Be?

      Are you ready for show season?

      The Coolest Club award is based on the premise of your club tent being THE PLACE to be. Plan your theme and your decorations well for the show because there are a host of clubs vying for the honor.

      At the 2013 Ford Nationals, the Coolest Club Hangout was sponsored by the Ford Performance Group and the winner was chosen by John Clor.

      2013 Coolest Club Winner
      Lincolns of Distinction

      Ford Performance Group 

        Will Your Club Measure Up? Take the Club Challenge

        In addition to the competition among the cars on the Ford Nationals NPD Showfield, there is a battle between clubs to see who has the most cars registered. As a bonus, we offer the use of a 20’ X 20’ tent to those clubs who register 25 vehicles or more. These tents are a great place to take a break and they make a great club headquarters for the weekend. Larger clubs may be eligible for a bigger tent. Contact us for details and congratulations to our 2013 winners!

        2013 Club Challenge Results
        1. Focus Rising- 111
        2. Team Shelby North East Region- 109
        3. Mustang Club of America- 96

          If You Are 25 or Younger, Male or Female…

          “Young Guns at Carlisle” is a class limited to owners age 25 and younger, male or female. The class is open to all makes & models of FOMOCO produced vehicles. Entrants must be the registered owner of the vehicle. All “Young Guns” are located together in an area reserved exclusively for them on the National Parts Depot Showfield. Judging is done via People’s Choice, just like the other classes and it is a great way for younger people in the hobby to meet and show off what they are doing with their cars. Ultimately, this class is designed for the heirs of the hobby to strut their stuff!

          Be sure to register now for the event for this very special class of show cars!

          Ford Branded Test Drives Return

          The Carlisle Expo Center located one block outside of Gate 3 is once again the place to be for Ford test drives. Annually, thousands experience the latest lineup of new Ford products.

          Ford’s regional sales and marketing management are onsite, allowing attendees the chance to learn more about Ford’s commitment to quality, safety, green and smart technology. You must have a valid drivers license to participate. A Ford Nationals gate admission is not required to be part of this activity.

          Free ice cream is also available!

          Ford Drive One 

          Walk-arounds in Carlisle

          Annually, thousands enjoy industry led “walk-arounds” by Ford’s specialists. These minds behind the machines take attendees in depth with stories behind the development of the newest and exciting Ford products. The Product Developers are also on hand following their presentations to answer questions.

          Ford Drive One 

          Get Exhausted with A&A and Get Fit and Trim with Classic Design Concepts

          If you’re not exhausted when you leave the Ford Nationals at Carlisle, its your own fault! A&A Auto Stores on Installation Alley will be offering performance exhaust installations from the top manufactures. Don’t miss this opportunity to get exhausted at the event. Call Lewis today to schedule your appointment and make your Ford sound great! Reach out now via phone at 570-313-0325 or by e-mail at You might as well get fit and trim while you’re at it! Visit our friends from Classic Design Concepts to dress up your ride while you’re on site.

          Classic Design Concepts  A&A Auto Stores 

          Increased Horsepower Offered by the Ford Racing Garage

          The NEW Ford Racing Garage Powered by Ford Mustang and Ford ST can found on the Manufacturers Midway and offers upgrades for many Ford powered vehicles. Upgrades for your Mustang, Focus, Fiesta and more include power upgrade packages, cold air kits, performance-tuned mufflers, handling packs, lowering springs, short-throw shifters, x-pipes and more. All work is done in the Ford Racing Garage by trained technicians from Fred Beans Ford of Boyertown, PA (True Blue Racing Parts).

          More details will be available soon, however, install appointments may be made by contacting Scott Crafts at 610-367-6981 ext. 2250 or Dave Rhoads at 877-602-6992.

          Dave and his team of Ford professionals are always ready to answer your questions about Ford and all of its great products!

          Ford Drive One  Fred Beans Ford  Ford Racing  Download Install Sheet 

          Ford Weekend Featured on International TV Ford Weekend Featured on International TV
          Australian Based Program at Carlisle Ford Nationals

          Have you ever wanted to see your ride earn an award, be featured in a magazine or covered as part of a TV program? If your answer is yes to any of those questions, be sure to check out the 2013 Carlisle Ford Nationals as seen through the eyes of Mark "Fletch" Fletcher and his Australian based program Classic Restos.

          Fletch spent six weeks at Carlisle during the summer of '13 and in turn, filmed a pair of Ford themed episodes. These shows were seen by enthusiasts in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and even here in the states.

          Classic Restos airs on TUFF TV which is available in many major markets nationwide. YouTube links are available below. Also, be sure to "like" the Classic Restos Facebook page too.

          3 Minutes to Show your Stuff

          No Carlisle event would be complete without the burnout contest. Bragging rights are up for grabs once again at the Carlisle Ford Nationals. Join us as we crown the “Carlisle King (or Queen) of the Hill.” Pre-registration is required at Guest Services. A show sticker (i.e. registered for vending or show vehicle), driver’s license and proof of insurance are required. The contest is limited to 10 vehicles with each getting 3 minutes to burnout.

          Red 102.3 

            Ms. Carlisle Ford Nationals Ms. Carlisle Ford Nationals
            Compete to Win the Crown and Cash Prizes

            Gather around the stage and support the field of young ladies as they compete for cash and the crown of Ms. Carlisle. Registration is available Friday and Saturday leading up to the contest by stopping by Guest Services, near the main grandstand. The winner will also get to show off her crown as part of the Downtown Carlisle Parade immediately following the evening stage activities. All participants must be at least 18 years of age.

            Congratulations to our top three in 2013:

            1. Heather M.
            2. Amanda F.
            3. Meganne-Odile R.

            Red 102.3 

              Carlisle Store is Open for Orders Carlisle Store is Open for Orders
              Ford Nationals Event T-Shirts Available

              Get your official event merchandise via the Carlisle Store. The Carlisle Store offers event specific shirts, memorabilia and more. Remember, the Carlisle Store and Brickel’s Racing Collectibles offer site to store and site to home shipping. Order any item online and have it mailed directly to the store at Carlisle for convenient pick up during the show or to your mail box at home. Please note, event specific t-shirts will ONLY be mailed within two weeks of its respective show. The event shirt for the Carlisle Ford Nationals is NOW available.

              Additional styles are colors are available. Click the link below for more options.

              Hosted by the Cumberland Valley Corvette Club

              The only thing better than a show-ready Ford is a show-ready Ford on the race track! The onsite Carlisle Autocross allows drivers to run the road course and compare their times to each other. Registration is required and the fun takes place Sunday only. The charge for each vehicle entry is $20. Enthusiasts are able to make 3 timed runs consisting of 2 laps each. Times are provided to compare with other drivers. Drivers are required to have a legal state driver’s license. You aren't driving for an award, rather bragging rights are up for grabs.

              Mobile Chassis Dyno Provided by Axcelerated Motorsports

              Axcelerated Motorsports is the official Dyno of the Carlisle Ford Nationals in 2014! The Dyno machine will be running on Friday and Saturday only! Axcelerated provides mobile Dyno tuning for cars and trucks using their Dynojet 248 chassis dynamometer. Their wide band O2 monitoring will determine if all that precious fuel is making power or just being wasted out the tailpipes. Attention clubs! Coming early or staying late? Club rates may apply for off-peak hours (minimum number of vehicles may be required). For more information, please contact the Carlisle Dyno Guy at 215.297.8139 or

              Axcelerated Motorsports 

              Visit the Oasis for Relaxation, Shopping, and Activities

              Ladies and men alike always make a point to stop by the Ford Nationals Women’s Oasis tent and visit our amazing vendors, selling items from jewelry and accessories to handmade crafts and beauty products. Plus there are massages, seminars and special services offered by the vendors. The weekend schedule is featured in the event directory and many enthusiasts visit the tent, located beside Building R.

              Enjoy the Kids at Carlisle Activity Center

              The Ford Nationals is fun for the entire family and we did not forget the kids. In the Kids at Carlisle Activity Center Area, we had crafts for kids and parents to enjoy together. We also had lots of play activities that “wowed” the young ones.

                A&A Auto Parts Store
                Adams Premium Car Care Products
                Advance Auto Parts
                AJE Suspension
                Auto Appraisal Group
                Auto Twirler
                AutoTrader Classics
                Axcelerated Motorsports
                Barton Industries
                Bath Fitter
                Cervini's Auto Design
                Classic Design Concepts
                Driven Racing Oil
                Eagle Productions Photography
                EFS Combust
                Empire Covers
                Encks Trophies
                Evolution Performance Inc.
                Flaming River Industries
                Ford Racing Performance Parts
                Global Experience Specialists Inc.
                Heacock Classic
                ITW Global Brands
                JLT Performance
                Johnny Lightning Performance
                Kitchen Saver
                March Performance
                Montway Auto Transport
                More Than Tires
                Mustangs Unlimited
                National Parts Depot
                Performance Automatic
                Race Star Wheels
                Redline Tuning
                Roush Performance
                Tjin Edition Road Show
                UMI Performance, Inc
                Unisteer Performance Products
                UPR Products

                All of these companies will be displaying their products & services on the Manufacturers Midway at the show.

                Carlisle Events Carlisle Events "Home" Based Schedule Opens April 23

                The Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge Returns to Spring Carlisle in 2014 The Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge Returns to Spring Carlisle in 2014

                The World’s Largest Demolition Derby Comes to Bloomsburg The World’s Largest Demolition Derby Comes to Bloomsburg

                Rare FIAT 500 Topolino Woody to be Auctioned During Spring Carlisle Rare FIAT 500 Topolino Woody to be Auctioned During Spring Carlisle

                More Press »

                Chip Miller Charitable Foundation

                Rent Mobility Scooters at Our Events!
                Orrstown bank

                Mustang Garage Install Specials

                Shop the Brickel's Ford Fan Store Today!

                Cafe Racers



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